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Our Legal Advice

      This section contains materials on various legal issues prepared by lawyers employed by LEGIST Law Firm and members of its Scientific and Consultative Council.

      Please note that the comments and explanations presented are based on the analysis of law rules in force at the time respective materials were prepared. Should you wish to receive explanations and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact us by any means at your convenience.


  1. Accrual of the Property Right on the Shares Placed Among the Founders of a Joint-Stock Company.

  2. Form and Content of a Statement of Action.

  3. Liability for Failure to Return Foreign Currency Proceeds.

  4. Application of Antimonopoly Law Rules to Legal Relations in Compulsory Medical Insurance.

  5. Penalties in Kind as a Security for Obligation Discharge.

  6. Certain Issues on Legal Regulation of Non-Residential Premises Use.

  7. Shelving of a Statement of Action.

  8. Fundamental Issues of Land Relations Regulation in RF.

  9. Communication Services Settlement Procedure.

  10. Establishment and Activities of Charitable Organizations.

  11. Certain Peculiarities and Advantages of a Limited Liability Company as a Business Form of an Economic Entity.

  12. Gratuitous Property Transfer Between Profit-Making Organizations.

  13. Procedure of Acquisition of Titles to Foreign Securities by a Natural Person - Resident of RF.

  14. Terms and Conditions of Opening and Keeping the Accounts of Natural Persons - Residents of RF with Banks Outside of Russia.

  15. Peculiarities of Agreements on Share Holding in Housing Construction and Agreements on Joint Activities in Housing Construction.

  16. Provision of Guarantees of the Subjects of Russian Federation.

  17. Legal Protection of a Trademark of a Foreign Legal Entity in the Russian Federation.

  18. Legal Aspects of Opening in Russia of Representative Offices and Branches of Foreign Legal Entities.

  19. Indemnity as the Cause of Termination of Obligations.

  20. Appeal Against Determinations of Arbitration Court on Rejection and Return of a Third Party's Application for Joining the Case with Separate Claims and of a Counterclaim.

  21. The Issue of Application of Limitation Period to Transactions of Interest in the Light of Availability and Efficiency of Justice in Arbitration Courts.

  22. Obligation to Compensate for Damages as a Ground for Recognition as Bankrupt.

  23. On Protection of Honor, Dignity, and Business Standing of an Individual and Legal Entity, Compensation for Moral Harm and Damages in the Event of Publishing of Unreliable and Defamatory Information.

  24. Application by Courts of Antimonopoly and Banking Laws Relating to Preliminary Approval of Credit Institutions Stock Acquisition.

  25. Obtaining of Approval (Notification) of Antimonopoly Agency.

  26. Payment of Taxes in Case of Sea Shipping by a Foreign Company on the Territory of the Russian Federation.

  27. Maritime Lien and Arrest of the Vessel to Secure Maritime Claims.

  28. Withholding of Cargo.

  29. Execution of the Bill of Lading.

  30. Registration of a Vessel in the Bareboat Charter Register.

  31. Uniform Social Tax (Contribution) Payment.

  32. The Principle of Autonomy of the Arbitration Agreement.

  33. Certain Issues Related to Sublease and Termination of Lease Contract for Nonresidential Premises.

  34. Sublease of Nonresidential Premises.

  35. The Procedure for Utilities Payment as per Readouts of Heat and Water Meters in Apartment Houses.

  36. Taxation of Income in the Form of Interest on Bank Deposits in Foreign Currency.

  37. Execution Upon Rights (Claims) Relating to Unfulfilled Liabilities.

  38. Information on the Procedure for Adoption of Children - Citizens of the Russian Federation by Aliens.

  39. Information on the Procedure for Adoption of the Children – Citizens of the Russian Federation by Citizens of the Russian Federation.

  40. Legal Status of Visa Travel Money Plastic Card.

  41. On Application of the Federal Law On Joint-Stock Companies to Joint-Stock Companies in Which «The Gold Share» Special Right is Exercised.

  42. Sales Tax on Ice-Cream Sales.

  43. Arbitration Practice of Lease Laws Application.

  44. Information on the Possibility for an Alien to Enter the Russian Federation.

  45. Dismissal of Heads of Representative Offices of Foreign Companies Operating in Russia.

  46. Liability for Violation of Labor Law. Overtime Work.

  47. Issues of Preparation for and Conduct of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

  48. Deed of a Gift of an Apartment Co-Owned by Spouses.

  49. Statutory Registration of Legal Entities: Procedure and Peculiarities.

Это архивная страница предыдущей версии сайта Лиджиста.
Актуальную информацию смотрите на обновленном сайте.